The visual narrative of the film «Why ?» is linked to a revolving space with its authentic rural character.Where lives a family consisting of a handicapped father (Iyad) and a mother (Rahma) who engraved life on her body, the story of her patience and her efforts in managing the affairs of life.The son (Said) loves industry and mechanics, which makes him uninterested in his studies.He creates a world of his own. The teacher thinks Said is useless,So he constantly scolds him,As a result, Said leaves his school,The events of the film unfold and the mother discovers – by chance – another facet of her son’s personality in his hideout (the deserted room).

Reparto y equipo

Réalisation El Alaoui Noureddine

Scénario Mohammed El Alaoui

Image Med kara / Agdach Hamid

Montage Mohammed El Alaoui / Redouane Ait Brahim

Son Issmail Boutaallalt

Musique Isme El Houcine

Interprétation Fatima Bouchan / Hassan Hannoun / Med Amghar