O Último Banho

O Último Banho

O Último Banho




Josefina is a 40-years old nun who is about to take her perpetual vows. She is called back to her childhood village to attend her father’s funeral whe she meet her 15-year old nephew who has abandoned by his mother. Isolated, back at the old family house in a sun-drenched remote village, the nun an her nephew feel disconcerted as feeelings of attachment emerge.

Reparto y equipo

Director de Fotografía: Vasco Viana

Co-guionista: Diego Rocha

Sonido: Dana Fazanephour

Actor/ Actriz Principal: Anabela Moreira

Actor/Actriz Principal: Martim Canavarro

Actor/ Actriz secundaria: Miguel Guilherme

Edición: Nicolas Desmaison

Edición de sonido: Simon Apostolou