Mami Wata

Mami Wata

Mami Wata




Gaia lives with her adoptive grandmother in a country house. She has a special realationship with a white lily plant she grew in her grandmother’s land; every day she take care of it. Cristina is the daughter of a very powerful businessman. Shes is different from the other children. Her skin, diaphanous because she is albino, creates a wall of distance.

Reparto y equipo

Guionista: Paola Beatrice Ortolani

Actor/Actriz Principal Heyab Aglione

Actor/ Actriz Principal; Cristina D’alessandro

Actor/Actriz Secundaria: Gianfranco Gallo

Actor/ Actriz secundaria: Simona Buono

Edición: Paola Beatrice Ortolani

Director de Fotografía: Daniel Di Mateo